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Play Barbie Girl dressup - in this Barbie game you'll see how she can beautifully model your country's national costume. At the start of the dressup Barbie, there are four Barbie dolls which you can choose to play. In Barbie Girl Dressup, they vary in skin tone and hair color. Play with the one represents your race the best. Then, give her the makeover she deserves.

Barbie Girl Dressup game has lip color, blush, and eye shadow on her lovely face. See the colors that you'd like her to wear by clicking it with your mouse. In Barbie Girl Dressup you also may change Barbie eye shade if you want. Once her face is done, you should now proceed to dressup Barbie. Play Barbie Girl dressup and find several folk costumes available.

There is one skirt that would fit with a blouse so better pick the good one. Of course, mix and match all the clothes if you like too. Her elegance and sense of style will make it all work. After choosing the perfect costume, accessorize Barbie. This is a dressup Barbie game, where you may choose the matching hat or headdress that could be perfect for her dress.

Also, find earrings and necklaces. The shoes and the right hairdo are available on the third pallet too. Go ahead and help Barbie get ready for the national costumes ball. Dressup Barbie with Barbie Girl Dressup game!

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